This research focuses on safety, but with a very specific, pluri-disciplinary and comparative approach. The study is based on the analysis of innovative and reviewed cultural events and public art installations produced in three violent and unsafe African cities: Douala (Cameroon), Johannesburg (South Africa), and Luanda (Angola).

Mobile A2K Methodology Guide 1st Edition is released

Mobile a2k Methodology Guide 1st Edition is available in the documents section. The Methodology Guide is the first attempt to guide the research implementation and to build a report and a discussion about it. It is focused on the comparative and interdisciplinary nature of the research, and it contributes to define and evaluate those slippery issues which express the potentiality and the need of this study.
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Mobilea2k Kick-off workshop,
10-14 March 2012, Vico Morcote (Switzerland)

Developing a Methodology Guide pre-proceedings
The workshop Culture and Safety in Africa: Developing a Methodology Guide aims at producing a methodology guide to analyse the impact of culture on urban satefy in Africa, and to develop the necessary and specific research tools for future research.
The workshop focuses on sociological and urban factors, questions, and comparable elements, and it considers the specific contexts of Douala in Cameroon, Luanda in Angola, and Johannesburg in South Africa. The parallel sessions address the subjects with a focus on micro vs. macro and positive vs. negative effects of arts and culture on urban safety, documenting the status of points of interest, neighborhoods and cities before and after events or installations take place.
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